For the 21st century patients, NirogGyan offers diagnostic test reports which are 'SmartReports' - all terms explained in simple language, interesting content, and world-class design. While a normal test report is just an A4 sheet with terms & measurements on it, our SmartReport is comprehensive but concise at the same time. Labs, doctors and patients in the post-pandemic world are all evolving with these informative reports.

NirogGyan covers 150+ tests in its Smart format, which include LFT, KFT, CBC, COVID-19 and almost every other test covered by pathology labs. We offer SmartReports in 3 views: 1) Advanced : Every test described in detail, with multiple actionable items 2) Compact : Crisp information, smaller visualisation 3) Dynamic : Focus on abnormal tests The above three can be clubbed with these add-ons: 1) Summary : Two-page report summary 2) Hindi / Arabic : Entire SmartReport in the language of your choice 3) Corporate Dashboard : Company-level health report

It is our endeavour to strengthen the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients, which is why we focus on simplification and making things easy-to-understand & easy-to-explain. Doctors who have encountered SmartReports through their patients have endorsed the concept, and report that their patients took the consultation more seriously.

Yes, your data is 100% safe with us. Like all major healthcare providers, we ensure that we don't consume any of your personal data (or contact details) in the first place and that we are legally bound never to disclose any identifiable test result information to third-parties.

If you own a pathology lab or a lab information system (LIS) company, you can delight your users with our service. Please reach out to us at +91-7678277891 or write an email to sales@niroggyan.com, and we’ll inform you about our subscription plans. If you are a patient, drop us an email at contact@niroggyan.com and we’ll share our list of Smart labs with you, and facilitate your test booking as well.

The integration process takes less than 2 days. Do contact the customer care for more details.

Less than 15 seconds!

We have subscription plans based on the offerings you choose and the volumes of SmartReports to be generated. Contact us to get the exact price quote

NirogGyan’s policy regarding providing health-related content: ‘be descriptive, not prescriptive’. Our team of dedicated doctors and pharmacy graduates curate all the information through a ‘triple check’ process, before our software visualises and generates it on your SmartReport.

NirogGyan is founded by a group of IIM and BITS Pilani graduates, supported by medical professionals, techies, hustlers and startup-based organisations from all stages.

Don’t worry, you will absolutely love our offerings :) That being said, if you do wish to discontinue, your subscription can be cancelled at any time by getting in touch with our customer care.

Are you a healthcare business looking to improve patient-engagement with our SmartReports?

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